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The Year of Great Expectations


That time of the year where we get to be blessed as a church from all over Zimbabwe. An Invitation to ALL, Come let us grow together

Date:7-9 August 2015

Venue: 1755 34th Street Budiriro 1 Harare Zimbabwe




The Founder's Profile

Bishop Cyprian Mutsvene was born in Mt Darwin on the 12th of March 1954 to Ronia and Titus Mutsvene, Evangelists in the Apostolic Faith Mission.


Cyprian is the 4th in a family of 12 .




He did his secondary education in Mt Darwin and He then Joined the Liberation War. When he came back from the war he was saved through his brother who witnessed to him.

He graduated at Living Waters Theological College where he received his Pastoral Training.


To date he is the founder and visionary of NDMI which also incorporates New Day Orphanage (an organization which caters for the welfare of vulnerable and disadvantaged children)

"from the day I put my hands on the plough I never looked back"...these are the words of a seasoned Gospel cadre who preaches the word in and out of season

Bishop Cyprian has worked with the Bible League for over 18 years and during these years he was instrumental in writing study portions that helped in church planting and scripture placement.He wrote books such as The Character Of  leader  and The Maturing Christian which have been translated in many languages across the African continent and in parts of Asia.He indulged in Church planting work in and around Africa and in the remotest parts of Zimbabwe.

Cyprian boast of mutual working relations with both the African and Asian Communities. Cyprian transcends the cultural barriers to relate to every tribe race and creed.


Reverend Cyprian Mutsvene is The Senior Pastor and founder of NDMI in Zimbabwe, a multi-ethnic, apolitical and fast growing church.His depth of insight into God's Word and the uniqueness of his ministry appeals to a diverse group of people from all walks of life and is greatly affecting and changing many lives around the world.

Tremendous moves of the Holy Spirit have been experienced wherever he has ministered, with numerous amazing miracles, healing, deliverance and above all salvations being recorded. Hundreds have experienced financial breakthroughs, restoration, and a renewed desire to serve God with commitment as a result of hearing and applying the Biblical principles he has taught

He is married to Edna Mutsvene and they have 5 children Kingdom, Godknows, Charity, Blessed and Courage.


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